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10 Tips for Learning Chinese

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10 Tips for Learning Chinese
Many people are intimidated at the thought of learning Chinese. It's actually much easier than what most people think. Below are our top 10 tips for making learing Chinese easier.
10 Tips for Learning Chinese
  1. Make Studying a Habit Dedicate a day, time and place for studying. For instance I take my flashcards to Starbucks in the morning and study for an hour which drinking my latte and eating a blueberry scone.
  2. Learn to Read Chinese Learning Chinese involves studying in many different medias. Be sure to start your learning process by including reading the Chinese characters. By including reading in your study program you’ll not only be able to study anywhere and anytime, but also learn the richness of the Chinese language which is in its characters written format.
  3. Recognize the Radicals Radicals of Chinese characters not only often give very good hints to their meanings but also make it easier to remember the character. When studying Chinese characters identify the radical and associate it with the meaning of the character.
  4. Identify the Character Components Each Chinese character can be broken down into component parts. Identify the components and use these to build an image of the characters meaning.
  5. Look for Phonetics Many Chinese characters have a phonetic component. The phonetic component will give you a hint to how the word is sounded. Many times I’ve learned to pronounce words aloud before actually learning the words meaning.
  6. Start with Short Phrases First learn to say hello, then build out from there by learning to say good morning and good evening. Then you can use these phrases as you’re learning Chinese.
  7. Don’t Worry about the Tones In the beginning you’ll have difficulty with the tones. Don’t worry about learning them and saying them correctly, there’ll be time to perfect your tones later. Just understand the tones and slowly work them into your vocabulary.
  8. Watch Chinese Language Movies DVD’s are great as they give you the option to select different languages and subtitles. Buy some Chinese language DVD’s and watch them with English subtitles, then watch them again later with Chinese subtitles. Without Chinese subtitles you’ll have a much more difficult time understanding what they’re saying.
  9. Practice, Practice and Practice It’s true; if you don’t use it you’ll lose it. Get into the habit of speaking your learned words to Chinese speaking people. You can always find some Chinese speaking people locally – at your local Chinese restaurant if nowhere else. Greet them in Chinese by saying “Ni Hao!” and try some of your other phrases.
  10. Find a Study Partner The most effective method of learning is teaching. Studies show that what is learned the most is what is taught to others. By working with a study partner and helping them to learn you’ll get a lot better insight into the materials and be a more effective learner.

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