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I’m a student of Chinese language as a second language. When I started my quest to learn Chinese I first tried audio tapes. I was able to learn some basic words but soon got frustrated as they moved forward at too quick of a pace and involved complicated conversations such as asking for directions. I also wanted to learn to read Chinese characters, perhaps even to be able to write also.

After stocking up on a library of cassettes and CDs I started looking at software. Rosetta Stone was my next step. I really liked their program and had many hours of enjoyment studying with their program. I was learning more new words and phrases with Rosetta Stone; however, I felt it would be much more effective if they taught me the vocabulary for the lesson prior to immersing me into the language. I was just learning too slowly without having spent time with the vocabulary for their lessons.

I then found a site online which offered one on one lessons. For less than $10 per hour they provided me with my own private Chinese teacher. We both viewed, and marked up, the same lesson material; and were able to speak to each other to discuss and practice the lessons. This was the best approach so far, I learned a lot from these teachers. To prepare for the lessons I spent hours making my own flash cards and studying the Chinese characters to break them down into their components in order to better understand and recognize them. I also dissected their lesson material to create my own version which was easier to practice offline with.

Being a student of Chinese as a foreign language I’ve learned a lot of tricks and developed much material to make my learning of Chinese easier. Now I’m sharing what I learned and the materials I’ve developed through this website. To do this I assembled a team to develop Chinese lessons based on my learning experiences. I maintain a high level of involvement with the development of each lesson ensuring that the material covered is presented in such a way as to make it not only relevant but also easy to learn.
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